We’re so excited to announce that we’ve launched this completely unique game rental company here in Vancouver, BC. Finally, you no longer have to create giant lawn and party games from scratch, or buy them at exorbitant prices, just for your event. For a fraction of the price you can rent giant games from us. That means you can get more giant games for the same amount of money.

Currently we have a giant game in the style of Jenga called “Tower Blocks” and a giant Connect Four style game called “Four To Win.” We are manufacturing games to suit demand, then adding them to our catalogue, so please get in touch if you’d like to rent a giant game we haven’t listed here.

Other giant party games on our to-make list:

  • giant dominoes
  • giant croquet
  • a giant game in the style of Pickup Sticks called “Focus Sticks”
  • a giant game in the style of Twister called “Pretzel”
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