Trivia Plinko

How To Play

  • To set up the game, distribute the cards of your choice into the 5 card holder slots at the bottom of the board. The current card choice include: 50’s trivia and 60’s trivia. We have truth or dare cards on order!
  • Decide what score you’re going to play to
  • Players drop a puck into one of the openings at the top of the board
  • The puck will land in one of five slots
  • The player who dropped the puck removes the front card from that slot and has to either answer the question or complete the dare
  • Correct answers are worth 1 point, completed dares are worth 2 points.
  • The first player to reach the designated score wins!

Game Specs

  • 3.5′ high x 2′ wide
  • 4 discs for multiple person game play
  • 1 deck of 50’s trivia cards and one deck of 60’s trivia cards (more to come)
  • Hand made in Vancouver


$125 per day
$375 per week

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