Giant Team Yatzee

How To Play

Split your party into two groups of five people. Each player will roll one die at the same time as their team members for a full roll of five dice.

The game consists of a number of rounds. In each round, the team gets three rolls of the dice, although they can choose to end their turn after one or two rolls. After the first roll the team can save any dice they want and re-roll the other dice. This procedure is repeated after the second roll. The player has complete choice as to which dice to roll. They can re-roll a dice for the third roll that was not rolled on the second roll.

Scoring is based on “poker hands.”

One Pair: 2 pts
Two Pair: 4 pts
Three of a Kind: 6 pts
Four of a Kind: 8 pts
Full House: 10 pts
Small Straight: 12 pts
Large Straight: 15 pts
Five of a Kind: 20 pts

Pick a score to play to, the first team to reach that score wins!

Game Specs

  • 5 dice available, 3 blue and 2 white
  • 12″ cubed
  • Navy blue and white artificial leather
  • Stuffed with synthetic pillow stuffing
  • Weight about 1kg each
  • Also available: giant pencils for score keeping


$20 each die per day
$60 each per week

$100 +GST per day for the full set
includes scorepad and
giant pencil

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