Focus Sticks

How To Play

      Hold all the sticks in a group then drop them so that they fall into a pile


      Try to remove sticks from the pile, one at a time without moving the others at all


      If any sticks have fallen free from the pile, you may remove them first


      Each time a player succeeds in removing one, they keep it and try to remove another


      Once a stick has been chosen, the player cannot change his or her mind and decide to remove another


      If you move one or more sticks while you’re trying to remove another, you must end your turn


      Continue playing until all the sticks are gone from the pile


      Add points as follows: Black 25, Red 10, Blue 15, Green 20, Yellow 5


      The player with the most points wins


Game Specs

3″ long
21 sticks of various colours
1 black stick, 5 red, 5 blue, 5 green and 5 yellow
blunt ends (rather than pointed as depicted)
Hand made in Vancouver
Comes in a custom made, perfectly fitted canvas carrying bag



$20 per day
$60 per week

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