Beanbag Toss

Made from a high strength aluminum frame with a coated MDF surface to provide the perfect amount of slide. These games are made to be extremely portable and they fold up so you can take them camping, tailgating, to the beach or anywhere. During the day use the set as a normal cornhole game and turn the LED switch to continue to play into the night. The set includes 2 – LED CornHole Game Boards 36″ x 24″ with batteries, 8 all-weather duck cloth bean bags, a carrying case and cornhole rules.

How To Play

Bean bag toss can be played by two or four players. Players throw their bags at the same board during gameplay. The players alternate until each player has thrown all their bags. The player/team with the highest score earns a point for the round.

Landing a bean bag on the board earns a player (1) point.

Getting a bag into the circle earns the player (3) points.

Throwing a bag into the slot earns the player (5) points.

A bag that is tossed in play and knocks another bag off or in the hole is legal.

A bag that bounces from the ground onto the board is not a legal play. This bag must be removed from the board and play is then continued.

The first team to score 21 points wins!

Game Specs

Takes 2 minutes to set up

Can fit inside a small vehicle


$35 per day
$105 per week

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