Tickle Trunks

Tickle Trunks come in 2 sizes and are Guaranteed Clean!

Giant Jenga

The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s checkers…


To start the game simply unzip Bananagrams bag…

About Us

Bonkers owner, Dani Vachon, has thrown hundreds of parties and events in her 18 years of event planning, and nothing gets the party started more quickly or more effectively than games. “I’ve tried traditional ice-breakers, costumes and other party supplies, and honestly… a giant Jenga will get people so excited! They can hold their beer while playing the game, drop in and out of the game easily, and chat while the game is in play… it’s perfect!”

Bonkers, soft launched November 2014, has already had the pleasure of renting their giant games to a couple of corporate events: Van Startup Weekend after party, the Nettwerk Records Christmas staff party, and a Habitat For Humanity event. Additionally, the games have been rented for  several private parties such as holiday parties and birthday parties.



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